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Remember Me

Sermon Series focused on the Lord's Supper.  We will take a long look at the why, the who, the what, and everything else realted to the Lord Supper and it's place in our worship assembly.  I hope that through this series we rediscover the significance, importance, and joy that this time in our worship together holds.

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Ezekiel: A New Heart

Ezekiel is likely a book many have spent little time exploring.  As the book opens we find a powerful illustration of the Lord's presence and commissioning of his servants.  Join us in our new series, Ezekiel: A New Heart, as we seek to uncover truths that apply to us today.
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The Exchange - A Red Letter Initiative

The Gospel writers record numerous moments with Jesus and the people of his time.  As we look into these "exchanges" we pay close attention to the words that Jesus speaks and actions he performs so we may discover how to live like him.  Use the link below to access past episodes and join us on the journey to living like Jesus.